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Linux Basic commands

List of basic Linux commands.

Shashi Shetty

7-Minute Read

This article covers the pointers for setting up the Linux test VM on the home computer and basic Linux commands and their usage.

Azure Security - Part 2

Series of blog posts on Azure Policies and Security Center.

Shashi Shetty

6-Minute Read

Azure Security Center is a centralized security management system/dashboard that provides security related information of your Hybrid infrastructure. Azure security works in conjunction with you, the customer, which provides recommendations to you in making your environment secure. It’s the customer’s responsibility to work on these recommendations and make infrastructure secure. The security center’s remarkable feature is the recommendations tab; This view provides an overall…

Azure Security - Part 1

Series of blog posts on Azure Policies and Security Center.

Shashi Shetty

3-Minute Read

All architecture designs are driven by set of rules to meet regulatory and security compliances. Azure policies come into play to enforce these organizational policies at Management Group, Subscription and resource groups level. For example, your company wants to ensure that all your azure resources reside in one of the preselected location, and users are not allowed to create resources outside these locations. Azure Policy makes it possible by enforcing location setting across Management Group…

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